About Picture Mike

What’s my story?

Truth be told, I’ve always had a passion for photography.  From my very first “Pin Hole” camera that I built with my grandpa so many years ago to the Canon Professional equipment I now use, I’ve always been fascinated with the message a simple photo can convey.   But honestly, I never thought that I ever would be a wedding photographer or anything of the sort, but one fateful day…..

Quite a few years back my wife’s secretary was in desperate need of a wedding photographer after hers failed to show up on her wedding day (Who does that?).  My wife, knowing my long background and love for photography suggested, rather insisted, that I help.  I didn’t have a choice, wanted to help and hey, I didn’t even have to try to convince the bride to let a guy shoot her wedding who had no wedding portfolio.  That was my first.  Rushed, awkward, not quite knowing if I was doing it right… but still, amazing and satisfying! I was hooked, I wanted more!

Over the past several years this happy accident has lead me down a road that has allowed me to travel, experience lot’s of neat things and meet even better people. Photography has given me a lot of opportunities, but enough about me…. I want to hear your story!